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Replacement Handles for Crane Drexel
The original Crane Drexel handles were made from Chrome plated zinc which over time corrodes. Until now, our only solution was to take handles that weren’t too badly ruined and re-chrome them. Customers with broken handles however, were out of luck.  Finally, due to the numerous requests we’ve gotten for this style of handle, we’ve commissioned a production run of reproduction replacement Drexel handles, cast using an original as a pattern. 
Our replacement handles are cast from 100% solid brass with a heavy layer of chrome

 plating for an exceptionally long service life. (The way Crane should have made them in the first place!) 
These handles fit either the 90-201H and 90-201C Dial-eze cartridges or the 86-521H and 86-522C Dial-ese Quarterturn cartridges.
79-S266CK Drexel Handle, pair   115.00   reserve
79-S266E Drexel Handle, single  60.00   reserve


Porcelain Cross Crane Prewar Handles
While these reproduction handles aren’t quite identical to the original Crane handles, it sure beats throwing away a perfectly good pedestal sink for lack of handles. Fits either the 3/8” square stem or the 1/2” 12 point spline, and used in both tub/shower and widespread lavatory applications that use either the 86-101HC stem or the 86-001HC stem.  Chrome spuds
Crane Hot porcelain handle 41.00 reserve
86-230C Crane Cold porcelain handle 41.00 reserve

Crane Porcelain Lavatory Escutcheon
At last!  We’ve commissioned a run of replacement Crane porcelain escutcheons to go along with the above handles.  They are a perfect color and shape match to the originals.  They’re 2 1/2” wide at the base, and stand 2 3/16” tall with a 9/16” opening for the stem.  Make your Crane lavatory sink look new again!
79-S293 Crane Lavy. escutcheon, each 29.00 reserve
79-S293K Crane Lavy Escutcheon, Pair 52.00 reserve

new crane escutcheon

Crane Dial-ese Repair kit
Fits post-war Crane faucets up until the early 1960’s.  Includes 2 sealing washers, 2 rubber bonnet washers, 2 stem O-rings, and 2 plastic handle inserts for Drexel and Canopy handles. One kit repairs 2 stems.  Yes, our kit is more expensive than others out there on the web.  It’s because we supply the correct washer that will actually work rather than the incorrect parts that many other companies have on the marketplace.
65-EK47  Dial-ese repair kit  8.95 reserve
65-CHI Nylon handle inserts only, pair. 4.95 reserve

Not sure which Crane sink you’ve got?  Check out our “Identifying your Crane Faucet” page.  Click here!


Large Crane Canopy Kitchen/Lavy Handle
New Design! Fits Postwar Crane Kitchen faucets, and is also found in the occasional lavatory application. O.D. of handle is 2 1/8” with a height of 2 1/4”.  Sold by the pair. 
These handles fit ONLY the 90-201H and 90-201C Dial-eze cartridges. This handle replaces the original Winged Canopy handle that is no longer made
80-1145 Crane handles, pair 25.00

Crane Criterion Handle, Complete
Yes!  After numerous requests, and a lot of searching, we’ve found a company reproducing the complete Criterion handle.  Don’t tear out that tiled in sink when the only thing wrong is awful looking handles.   Make your Criterion sink look new today!
These handles fit ONLY the 90-201H and 90-201C Dial-eze cartridges.
80-1123 Criterion handle, Each  72.00 reserve
80-1123K Criterion handle, Pair 119.00 reserve
Replacement center cap for the pictured handle.  Fits only replacement handles, not Crane originals
65-551 Handle Cap, each  12.00

Criterion handle

Replacement Handle Ring for Criterion
Ring only for 1950’s to 1970’s Crane Criterion valves.
Measures 2-7/16” diameter x 3/4” high.  Sold individually
20-24463 Criterion Handle Ring 39.00 each


Crane Valve Body & Trim
Save that Crane Drexel or Marcia Sink with our new valve body and trim for sinks with the Integral Spout.  Assembly includes chrome handle & trim, stem cartridge, valve body, and all washers. Sold by each, if needing both sides, please order two. Now lead free!!!!  Crane Part Number F10697
86-F97  Valve Body & Trim, original style cartridges   $266.00 reserve

86-F97CMC Valve body & Trim, Ceramic cartridges  $282.00 reserve


Please note; you will have to remove and reuse the old street 45 that is attached to the bottom of your old valve body.  We have not found a supplier of these and do not believe milled one are even being manufactured anymore...


Crane Chrome Dome
Our new dome fits the Dial-eze trim for the following sinks: Diana, Drexel, Elayne, Marcia, Westland, and the 6” center set Clermont.  Combine this dome with new handles and add new life to your Crane Faucets.  Made of solid brass, chrome plated unlike the chrome plated zinc domes of years past.  1-1/2” Diameter and ” High.
 86-F11619 Chrome Dome 29.00


Crane Prewar 3/8” Shank Handles
These handles were used in Kitchen and some lavatory applications up until 1947. They fit onto a 3/8” shank, 12 point splined stem. New design eliminates the H and C of the originals, Cast zinc, Chrome only.  Sold by the each.
65-7963 Hot handle 19.50 reserve
65-7980 Cold handle 19.50 reserve

Locknuts for Crane Valve Bodies
Locknut used on Crane integral spout hot and cold valve bodies.  Also used on Prewar widespread lavatory valve bodies.  I.D. 1”  Sold singly.  Crane # F11671   14 Threads per inch.
86-300  Crane Valve Body Locknut. 18.00  reserve
Locknut used in post-war metal spout applications, does not fit on ceramic spout versions. US made,16 Threads per inch.  I.D. 1 1/16”.  Crane # F11585, sold by each.
  86-550 Crane Valve Body Locknut.  27.95


Mixing Tube For Crane Spouts
Crane spouts have a rigid, threaded tube running into the bottom of the spout on many models.  It is very common for the threaded end of the tube to shear off

during removal.  This is such a common Crane complaint, we had our machine shop make up a bunch of replacement mixer tubes for use in our restoration shop. After receiving customer requests for this item, we decided to offer them for sale to the public. 5” long, threaded one end with the same “oddball” machine thread Crane used in manufacturing the originals.  Lead Free!
15-CMT  Crane Mixer Tube.  65.00  reserve

Small Canopy Handles for Crane, New Design!
Fits Post-war 4” centerset lavatory sinks that use the Dial-eze cartridge. Handles measure 3” long and stand 1-7/8” high. Fits 12 point 5/16” dia. stem. Chrome plate over heavy cast zinc. Note: does NOT replace Drexel or large kitchen canopy handle. Sold per each.
20-73387 Sm. Canopy Handle, Hot 26.00  reserve
20-73395 Sm. Canopy Handle, Cold 26.00 reserve


Not sure which Crane sink you’ve got?  Check out our “Identifying your Crane Faucet” page.  Click here!

4 inch lav flange

Crane Retainer Ring for 4” Centerset Faucets
Another Score!  Fits the above 20-73387 handles on many post-war 4” center lavatory faucets.  We used to have to make these at $100 a pop...  Chrome plate Brass, sold by the each. Note, NOT 1” pipe thread....  We still gotta make that one
80-0632 Crane Retainer ring  28.00

Crane Handle Flange / Retainer Ring
  For Dial-Eze valves with Drexel or Large Canopy handles. Trim ring under handle also acts as the retainer ring holding the valve to the sink. As with the Drexel handle, Crane made these from short-lived zinc. Our replacement is sold chrome plated brass.
86-750 Flange for Kitchen faucets 
1-7/16” center opening 32.00    reserve
86-650 Flange for Widespread Lavatory faucets.  Fits Diana, Criterion, Elayne, and Westland sinks.
1-1/4” center opening. 32.00  reserve
86-600 Flange for slant-back sinks with integral spout. Fits Drexel and Marcia sinks.
1-3/4” center opening 35.00


  Replacement trim/retainer flanges for Crane.
 Kitchen         Lavatory       Slant-Back

Crane Pre-War Faucet Washers
Original Crane stems use a double thick washer. Though it is possible to stack two regular washers, using the proper washer results in longer service life. Standing waste washer fits Crane and other standing wastes with a threaded stud and nut washer retainer.

23-12C Crane Washer, Trade size “1/2C”, actual size 7/8” dia. x 3/16” thick.  2.95 each reserve
20-389 Standing waste washer.  1-1/16” dia. x 1/4” thick with 3/8” ctr. hole. 4.95 each


Crane Bridge Seal Set
Crane used a rigid metal bridge to connect their valves to the spout on almost all of their widespread lavatory faucets.  If your Crane sink is leaking at the bridge, this is the seal set you need.  Kit comes with 3 cone washers and 3 friction washers.  Note; some later bridges will require two complete sets.
15-BW  Seal set 4.95

15 bridge

Actual bridge not supplied with kit.
Some bridges available, call or e-mail for details.

Supply Union for Crane PreWar Widespread Lavatories
Replaces lost or broken water supply union on Crane faucets. If you have a Crane valve with large male threads on the bottom and can’t figure out how to hook up the water supply lines, this is the part you are missing! 1/2” MIP x Crane union thread. Supplied with washer
15-CRU Crane inlet union. 85.00 ea.
15-CRUW Cork washer for union, sold in pairs 2.00 reserve

15-CRU new

Compression Adapter for Pre War Integral Spout sinks
oncealed waterway sinks with 3/4” hole in the porcelain. (check holes, will not work in oversized or irregularly shaped holes.) New adapters machined using an original as a pattern. 1/2” OD stubs connect directly to original Crane valves or to flex lines with standard compression fittings (not included.) US made, Lead Free!
15-CRCA Crane compression adapter 85.00 ea. reserve
15-CSEAL Rubber seal only, 7/8” OD, 7/16” ID, 1” long  8.00 ea.reserve

Sealing Washer for Crane Integral Spout Valve Bodies
Fits Drexel, Marcia and other Crane sinks with concealed waterway, seals valve body to porcelain. After years of attempting to cut our own gaskets for Crane integral spout sinks, we discovered these beveled washers that are the exact replacements for the original Crane washers. Black, just like the originals.
Note; two pair needed if rebuilding a complete sink.
15-VBS Crane valve body seal, pair. 12.00
20-76 Friction Ring for bottom valve seal, 1 needed per side for Post-WW2 sinks, 2 needed per side for pre-WW2 sinks.
1.50 each reserve


Washers above fit Crane sinks like this one with integral porcelain spouts.


Not sure which Crane sink you’ve got?  Check out our “Identifying your Crane Faucet” page.  Click here!


crane bonnet nuts

Crane Dial-eze Bonnet Nuts, for Kitchen and Lavatory Valves
Fits Postwar Dial-eze valves, the taller one, (5/8” high) version is for many Kitchen applications, the short (3/8” high) version is for most Lavatory applications.  Both measure 1 1/8” outside diameter and are chrome-plated Brass for extra durability!  US made.
86-F10716 Dial-eze Kitchen bonnet nut 10.80 reserve
86-F10584 Dial-eze Lavatory bonnet nut 8.00


Crane Pedestal Sink Brackets
Fits many others as well!  Made of durable Stainless Steel, and designed to specifically fit Crane Pedestal sinks, these brackets are a copy of an original bracket.  Will fit any sink that has holes at least 11/16” diameter and anywhere between 1” to 5” away from the wall.  The slots cut in the back allow fine tuning when leveling the sink.  Be sure to have at least 3” of depth in the sink to allow for the toggle.  Bracket itself measures 5 3/4” long by 2” wide and sticks down 2 1/8”.  Comes with everything shown and a set of directions.
59SB Sink bracket kit   29.95


Crane Faucet Stems and Valve Bodies

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