How To Identify Swedish Made Ifo Cascade Variations

During the mid 1980’s, Bathroom Machineries imported the Swedish-made Ifo toilet in different variations. Later in the decade, production was moved to the US and the Mansfield version was born. If your Cascade toilet uses a rigid rod to activate the flush, it’s Swedish. If it uses a chain, it’s American and will need Mansfield parts, many of which are no longer made.  The below page will discuss the differences in the Swedish toilets only.

Cascade Spec Sheet

Note: The above line drawings show the toilet if you were looking at it from the back. The below written description talks about the toilet as if you were looking at it from the front.

The 3180-001 was imported circa 1984 and is distinctly different from the other toilets in the seat mount.  This toilet has an “oddball” hinge spacing at 5” and accepts our 40-99580 flex seat (available here)  Rough-in is 12” but the supply line enters from the right side only.

The 3180-0017 entered the States circa 1985 with significant improvements.  The supply was moved to the left side, and the seat hinge spacing was moved out to 5 1/2”.  This allows “Standard round-front” seats to be installed on the toilet.  All other parts and dimensions are the same.  Both the 001 and the 0017 have an “adjustable” flush from 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons.

New for 1986 was the Ifo 3140.  1.5 gallons only, not adjustable.   The toilet didn’t sit quite as high as the 3180 versions.  Still 12” rough with left hand supply and takes a standard round front seat.
Also new for 1986 was the 3190 elongated version.  This one took an elongated seat, but otherwise was identical to the 3140.