How to Correctly Measure Your Faucet Stem

Steps to ID Your Stem /Cartridge.

Things you will need (other than the tools needed to pull your stem):
-A digital camera or smart phone
-Calipers (preferred) or a good measuring tape.

1. Look for markings on your sink or shower that will ID the brand-look under the sink or on the overflow cover of the tub. Take a photo of these markings –if any.
2. Take a photo of the entire application (i.e. the sink or the shower).
3. Pull your stem ALL THE WAY out of the valve body. We cannot ID stems if they are still in the valve. If you don’t know how to do this, call a plumber.
4. Take several photos of the stem from different, well lit angles.
5. Measure the stem end to end. Record this measurement. See photo below.

Photo shows measuring length of a faucet stem with calipers

If your stem assembly uses a “barrel” (as many Standard and Kohler stems do), remove the barrel BEFORE measuring the stem.  See photo below.

Photo shows using calipers to measure length of a faucet stem

6. Count the splines. These are the ridges to which the handle attaches. Please note: not all stems have splines. If there is a square broach, measure the diameter of the square broach (flat end to flat end, not corner to corner). If the end of the stem is threaded, measure the thread pitch with a thread gauge. Record this measurement. See photo below.

Photo shows various stem ends

7. Measure the diameter of the shank. This is the smooth part under the splined end. Record this measurement. See photo below.

Photo shows where to measure the diameter of the stem

All measurements must be in inches. WE CANNOT judge measurements with the tape measure held up to the stem. We need exact measurements, preferably with calipers, in decimal form. Please do not send us a photo of the caliper measurement. Please write this measurement in the email.

Send an email to the Bathroom Machineries staff member you have been corresponding with and include the photos and measurements listed above.
Once we get these images and exact measurements, we work to ID your stem. If your stem is not a stock item, it is considered a special order. Special orders will incur a 50% restocking fee if they need to be returned. No refunds after 6 months.