Custom Restorations of Antique Fixtures by Bathroom Machineries

Whether you are looking to replace an obsolete Standing Waste Drain for your tub or you simply wish to keep your vintage home original, DEA Bathroom Machineries is your one-stop source for quality restoration work. Our team of restoration experts can restore your irreplaceable and obsolete fixtures to factory-new condition.

Our shop combines what used to require the separate services of a plumber, an antique store, a machine shop, a plating shop and an architectural salvage expert. All this is backed by 40 years of experience and access to a store of vintage plumbing repair parts like no other.


Obsolete Standing Waste Tub Faucets are one of our most popular restoration items. Once the standard, these beautifully crafted fixtures can be the centerpiece of a restored bath. Fully restored, these assemblies sell for $2000+ and are becoming nearly impossible to find in good condition. Don’t throw away an irreplaceable antique, restore it instead! Restoration usually costs about half what our new reproduction replacement standing waste valve sells for.


Restoration is a heavily time and labor intensive operation. Each part first must be disassembled and inspected for cracks, breaks, and wear. The pieces then must be cleaned, sandblasted, and stripped of old nickel or chrome. Broken or worn parts must be repaired or machined new.

After cleaning, each part must be polished and either lacquered or plated. The parts are then reassembled using new gaskets and seals and water tested. Sometimes hidden cracks or flaws will appear during water testing requiring that we start over on parts of the restoration.

Due to the variable nature of this work, we can only provide very general estimates based on photos or descriptions alone. Actual quotes cannot be given until the fixture is completely disassembled and evaluated.

Restoration Pricing is based on the following schedule:
Labor is billed at $150 per hour. (applies to assembly time & misc. operations not listed above.)
Restore valve to leak-free condition. (Hot and Cold each count as one) 125.00 ea.
Machine new valve seat (If needed) 125.00
Machine new washer retainer (If needed) 60.00
Machine new locknut/ slip-joint nut (any size) If needed. 125.00 and up
Restore standing waste drain to leak-free condition 125.00 and up
Machine new standing waste drain tubes (If needed) 100.00 to 300.00
Chrome/Nickel Plating: Priced per part.  Note that even the smallest nut and washer must be cleaned and polished prior to plating. Some fixtures may have as many as 20 to 35 parts that require plating. Parts over 6” in length (Ex: faucet spouts) count as two parts. 55.00 per part.  8% HAZMAT fee is also charged

Note on Fuller Ball-style Faucets and Valves:

If you have faucets that look like the ones at the right, (square body, handles on side), please be aware that we can only restore the appearance of this type of valve, we cannot guarantee a drip-free restoration. Fuller Ball valves use a grape-sized rubber ball in place of a faucet washer actuated by a cam. The intricacy of the cam assembly and lack of available repair parts make these valves very expensive to repair and since they were designed to work on gravity-fed water systems, even a perfectly restored faucet may leak after only days in service on a modern water system.

Fuller Faucets

Still have Questions?

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