Restoration Before & After Photos

Restoration Photos: Before & After Examples of our work

Sullivan - before photo
Sullivan - after photo

Top bell filler standing waste completely restored in nickel. Note heavy green corrosion on valves in “before” picture on left.

Moore - before photo
Moore - after photo

Several valves and drains from the historic Carolands Mansion. Badly corroded and leaky at left, fully restored to “new” condition on right

Gonzales - before photo
Gonzales - after photo

Low bell filler standing waste valve. Fully restored and then some: valve was missing several major parts but we were able to graft parts from our “boneyard” onto it for a complete restoration job.

Watkins - before photo
Watkins - after photo

A rare surface mount shower unit with body spray tubes. Note corrosion on spray tubes. Restoration included replacement of all handles and complete overhaul to “new” condition.

Lavatory legs - before photo
Lavatory legs - after photo

Lavatory legs replated in nickel: before and after.

Standing Waste Convert - after photo

Fully restored low bell filler standing waste, converted to tub shower with custom conversion kit. Assembly was restored from parts off three different valves and built to specs from customer supplied photos and drawings.

Lavatory faucets, before and after

Lavatory faucets, before and after

These are just a few of the more photogenic examples, we also restore porcelain, earthenware, and cast iron plumbing fixtures, as well as light fixtures, railroad memorabilia, and architectural antiques of all types.

The Bathroom Machineries Restoration Team has been called upon to restore countless irreplaceable and often priceless antique fixtures for historical homes, bed and breakfast inns, and museums all over the world. Some of our recent work includes all of the plumbing fixtures in the 65,000 square foot Carolands Mansion, bath fixtures for the Flagler Museum, and sinks and fixtures for the historic Ahwahnee Inn in Yosemite National Park. We are a source for both replacement and restored fixtures for Harvard University and countless historical state and county buildings.