If Your Tub is Missing All Four Feet

To find feet for tub that is missing all it’s feet, we need the following information:

  • Length of the tub.
  • A photo of the bottom of the tub.
  • A photo of the side of the tub. (Rust or paint lines that show the outline of the original feet are VERY helpful, be sure to include them if you can.)
  • A close-up photo and accurate drawing of the foot mounting area on the bottom of the tub.

Examples of the type of photos we need:

Tub Side
Tub Bottom Close

Important!! Taking a picture of your tape measure beside the tub foot or mount is NOT an acceptable substitute for making the required dimensioned diagram like the one below!! Photos of this type are no help whatsoever; we need the actual measurements written out on a diagram.

EXAMPLE: Diagram of a typical foot mount showing the measurements we need. (Dimensions shown are for example only!) You don’t need to be a professional draftsman, this diagram was drawn up using MS Paint and took about 5 minutes. Hand drawn diagrams are fine, tracings can be used too if accompanied by measurements.

Diagram of a typical foot mount

Photos and drawings may be mailed to: DEA, Attn: Ray, 495 Main Street, Murphys, CA 95247, or emailed to [email protected] (10mb max. please) Be sure to include your shipping address and telephone number as well as any information that might be helpful. We receive about a dozen such requests per week, so please do not assume that we will remember the details of a prior phone/email conversation. We will call for your credit card information when we are ready to ship the replacement feet.

How it works: When we receive your photos and dimensions, we will pick out up to four different feet and send them to you. (Feet are billed at $75 each or $250 for a set of four feet.)

Try all of the feet to find the one that fits best. Mark the best fitting foot by tying a string around it and send all of the feet back to us. (Be sure to try all of the feet in all of the different mounting positions.) We will then either find feet that match the one you have marked or use the foot as a pattern to have new feet cast from Silicone Bronxe.

We have found over the years that this method is the quickest and most efficient way to find feet for a tub, short of actually having the tub in our shop.

NOTE: YOU are responsible for both inbound and outbound freight. The better your pictures and diagrams are, the better a job we can do of finding the proper feet for your tub. We do not guarantee that will be able to find feet for your tub, only that we will try our best. (Our success rate at finding feet is about 75%) Original feet vary in condition and are likely to have rust or layers of old paint on them but are guaranteed to be in good condition. We can sandblast the feet for an additional charge. The cost for this depends on how many layers of paint are on the foot.

Original Antique Cast Iron Feet, Each: $75
Original Antique Cast Iron Feet, Set of 4: $250
We Can Sandblast Original Feet to Bare Metal for Additional fee
Original Feet Can be Chrome or Nickel Plated for an Additional $150 ea.
New Foot, Cast From Original Sample, Silicone Bronze, rough $150 ea.
New Bronze Feet Can be Nickel Plated for an additonal $90 ea.
Prices FOB Murphys, CA.