1956 Vintage Crane Bathroom Suite in Jade Green

1956 Vintage Crane Bathroom Suite in Jade Green


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This full bathroom Suite was made by Crane in 1956 in (debatably) their most popular color, Jade Green.  The tub is a left-hand drain version, 60″ long and has a maximum width of 32 1/2″.  It does suffer from some condition issues, there’s a thumbnail sized chip at the drain that should be hidden once a new drain is installed, there’s some rust along the bottom edge of tub and a “stripe” from a shower door being mounted on the rub.  The rust will most likely be hidden once the finished floor is butted up to the tub, but there’s not much one can do about the stripe.  See photos in the gallery.

The sink is a Crane Elayne model, it’s a tile-in version, so you’ll have to mount it into a countertop.  A Hudee ring could be used if one could be found.  This sink originally was in tile, so there are some minor chips along the edges from the mortar.  Again, see photos in the gallery.  The faucet will be restored on this one.  Sink measures 27″ by 20″.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for restoration.

The toilet is a Crane Oxford model.  It’ll set on a “normal” 12″ rough-in.  Toilet will be supplied with all new internal parts, and the original Jade green ceramic bolt caps.  As for condition, this one’s in excellent shape.  Toilet comes less seat, colored round front seats are available from Bemis.

All in all, this set’s in remarkedly good condition for its age.  We rarely get full matching suites in, if you are considering a MCM bath, this is it.  Truck freight only, call or e-mail for a shipping quote today!

Sorry California residents, the sink and toilet use too much water, this set cannot be sold or shipped to addresses in CA.