One-Piece (A.K.A Lowboy) Toilet Repair

Lowboy Toilet

Lowboys are sure nice looking, but repair can be a nightmare. The one pictured at left from American Standard uses commonly available parts, and that is a rare thing in a one-piece toilet.

First, and most important, determine who the manufacturer is. Often, the toilet will have the maker and model embossed in the back of the water chamber. Once you’ve determined the maker, contact the closest dealer and see if parts are available. It’s not unusual for a fill valve to cost more that a new Close-coupled toilet, so be prepared.

So, “they don’t make that one anymore…” We’ve heard that one before. At this point, you’ve got a choice. You can either replace the toilet, or repair/rebuild what you’ve got. If you decide to try to repair, send us some digital photo’s of what you’ve got, along with any information you have. E-mail everything to us at and we’ll see what we can do. Often, we know of a part that is intended for another use that will work for your application.

Case Lowboy Toilets

A few parts are available for the Case Lowboy (or Kidney) toilets. Take a look below.

Hard to Find Replacement Ballcock Pistons For Case T/N Toilets.

Fits ballcocks used in some Case one-piece toilets.