We want your antique plumbing experience to be a positive one! Please view the helpful How-To videos below that will explain what to do in regards to some of the more common issues that we see come up.

Important, please read!
Disclaimer: These videos are meant for informational purposes only. DEA – Bathroom Machineries assumes no liability for any damage that may occur while following the suggestions provided in the above videos. If you have any further questions, you should consult with a qualified, licensed Plumber.
Remember, turn the water OFF before attempting any of these procedures!

American Standard

How to install new escutcheons and handles on 1930’s through 1950’s American Standard shelfback sinks.

How to remove stuck American Standard faucet barrels from an American standard fixture


How to remove a Dial-Ese cartridge from a post-WW2 (1948-1970) Crane fixture. This covers Lavatory sinks, Kitchen sinks, and Tub-shower valves

How to remove the valves, spout, and drain from a Post WW2 Crane Criterion sink.

How to service the spout connecting lines on a pre-WW2 Crane integral spout sink.

How to determine if your Crane Faucet is pre-WW2 or post-WW2

How to Remove the valves from a Post-WW2 Crane Drexel sink. This will apply to Crane Drexel and Marcia sinks

How to reinstall the valves on a post WW2 Crane Drexel sink. This will apply to Crane Drexel and Marcia sinks

Antique Toilets

How to determine what rough-in your antique toilet bowl is set up for. Not all toilet bowls are set up to be the same…