Installing new trim on “Standard Companion”

1932 - 1950’s Vintage Shelfback sinks

Standard Companion integral spout sink
AmStd metal spout Companion sink

Re-trimming (replacing the handles and escutcheons) on American Standard China Shelfback sinks from the 1930’s through the fifties (like the above examples) used to be almost impossible due to a lack of available parts. Here at Bathroom Machineries, we’ve discovered a simple way to make your sink look new again. It will require a bit of homework on your part first, as Standard used two different stems in identical looking sinks.

Note! Only do the following if you want to replace the trim on your sink. If the trim is good and it’s simply leaking out of the spout, refer back to the stems page.

Remove the existing stems from your sink after shutting off the water. Note the length of the large fine thread on your bonnet nut. You’ll have two options, either the thread will be 5/16″ long or it will be 1/2″ long. Once you know the length, you can order our re-trim kits below.

American Standard Bonnet

If your bonnet nut is 5/16″ long, (left side of above photo) then you will want to order the 86-061HM kit. If the bonnet is 1/2″ long, (right side of above photo) you will want to order the 86-081HM kit.

Both kits are supplied with the following:

  • Two stems
  • Two escutcheons
  • Two escutcheon nipples
  • One pair handles with buttons

Note; the escutcheons will be of a similar design to the originals, but they will not be exactly the same. They are slightly wider and taller than the originals. See photo below.

Note, many sinks of this style were supplied with lever handles. If using this kit, the sink is converted to cross handles. A lever handle version is not available.

Chrome only, no other finishes available.

Trip levers are not made anymore, but often we can replate the existing lever. Call or e-mail for details.

Original style drains aren’t made anymore either, but they can be replaced with our 79-P85C pop-up assembly. You will need to save the drain linkage that connected the lever to the drain from the original assembly, as this is a brand -specific, unobtainable part.