Replacement Handles for Crane Drexel/Temple PAIR

Replacement Handles for Crane Drexel/Temple PAIR


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Replacement Handles for Crane Drexel.
The original Crane Drexel handles were made from Chrome plated zinc which over time corrodes. Until now, our only solution was to take handles that weren’t too badly ruined and rechrome them. Customers with broken handles however, were out of luck.
Finally, due to the numerous requests we’ve gotten for this style of handle, we’ve commissioned a production run of reproduction replacement Drexel handles, cast using an original as a pattern.
Our replacement handles are cast from 100% solid brass with a heavy layer of chrome plating for an exceptionally long service life. (The way Crane should have made them in the first place!) Note; these handles will replace the large canopy handles that measure 2 1/8″ across the base. These handles fit either the 90-201H and 90-201C Dial-eze cartridges or the 86-521H and 86-522C Dial-ese Quarterturn cartridges.  Supplied with two handles, two handle inserts, and stainless steel screws.


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