Crane Post-WW2 Tub-Shower Escutcheon

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Crane Post-WW2 Tub-Shower Escutcheon


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Crane Post-WW2 Tub-Shower Escutcheon.
This escutcheon replaces the “screw-on” style of escutcheon that Crane used in their Criterion, Temple, and some Capri two handle tub shower valves made between 1948 and 1973. This will work for Crane part #’s F17603, F17604, F12443, and others that measure 3″ OD and are 3/4″ tall. This threads onto valve bodies with threads that are 1 1/2″ in Diameter. Earlier versions were a one piece design, this is an exact copy of the later 2 piece design. This combined with some new handles above will make your Crane tub shower look new again! The original Crane ones were made of Zinc, these are solid brass with Chrome plating, far better than the originals!