Pedestal Porcelain Mop Sink

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Pedestal Porcelain Mop Sink


This item is a truck freight only item. Due to the wildly fluctuating truck freight shipping prices, we’ve had to switch to this method of supplying our customers with accurate costs. Please either e-mail or call 800-255-4426 between the hours of 8-4:30 M-F and supply us with your shipping address. We will then contact you with a shipping quote. Keep in mind that we are in California.

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Pedestal Mop Sink.
Made of china, and pretty unique, this mop sink stands only 27″ tall. Intended for high end commercial, we believe it could be used in other applications if one is creative. This sink is 21 3/4″ wide by 18 1/2″ front to back, and it does have an overflow. Interior dimensions are 17 3/4″ wide by 14 3/4″ front to back.  Depth is 8 1/2″ to overflow.  Supplied with a chrome drain. Truck Freight only!  Call or e-mail for a quote today!