Crane Neuvogue Tub/Shower Rebuild Kit

Crane Neuvogue Tub/Shower Rebuild Kit


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Rectorseal #5 Soft-Set Pipe Thread Sealant

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The “Neuvogue” was Crane’s top of the line product for the 1930’s.  They were usually sold in suites, so the bath fixtures, sink fixtures, and toilet all matched.  This kit is intended to replace the original tub shower cartridges with Crane’s later “better” version.  Originally, Crane used a two piece cartridge that used springs to provide tension, and these tended to fail after awhile.  Any needed washers for the early cartridges had to be hand-cut.  This eliminates that issue.

The Crane Neuvogue Tub or shower valve is easily recognized by its use of a metal plate just behind the oversized wing handles.  Valve centers are an oddball 5″ spread.  Trim color is almost always chrome.  No trim available, so don’t loose yours!

This kit comes with 2 extra long retaining nuts, two stems (1 hot, 1 cold), two seats, and a seat wrench.

Threads MUST be sealed for seat to work properly.