Circa 1961 Standard F6600 Freestanding Urinal

Circa 1961 Standard F6600 Freestanding Urinal


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These urinals (we have two of them) only show the day and month of manufacture, not the year, but Standard only used this style of logo in the early 1960’s, so they date to that time period.    All are in excellent condition, they are all intended for 12″ rough applications, and stand 26″ tall to top of porcelain.  They are 13 1/4″ wide and when sitting on a 12″ rough, extend into the room 24″.  Standard’s model number is F6600.  These urinals are too big for UPS, they have to ship by truck.  Call or e-mail for a shipping quote today.  Not supplied with a Flushometer valve, you will have to supply your own.  Sold by the each, 2 available.