Circa 1885 Antique “Throne” Mahogany Toilet Seat

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Circa 1885 Antique “Throne” Mahogany Toilet Seat


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Very early toilet bowls used what’s known as “Throne” seats.  The seat didn’t actually bolt directly to the bowl like today’s toilets, but mounted on wall brackets on either side of the bowl.  These days, this type of seat is extremely rare, as is the early toilet bowls.  Basically, if the toilet bowl does not have any mounts for a seat, this is the type of seat you need.

This particular seat was restored some years ago, but it does have some dings and dents.  The wood is Mahogany, finish is fairly glossy, and the seat measures 18 3/4″ wide by 23 1/2″ front to back.  The backer will need to be notched for a flush tube, and this will need to be done onsite.  Original hinge is polished brass.  One glue joint on the left side of the lid is showing some movement, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  One only!