Circa 1880 Antique “Throne” Style Toilet Seat

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Circa 1880 Antique “Throne” Style Toilet Seat


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So, you picked up a beautifully decorated toilet bowl, went to install it, and discovered that there’s no holes cast into the bowl to hold a toilet seat.  You need a Throne seat!  Manufacturers stopped making these around 1900.  This one came in with a bowl that was too far gone to be repaired, so we’re going to sell the seat and brackets.  For this seat to work properly, your toilet bowl cannot be taller that 15 1/4″, and the front lip of the bowl has to be at least 21 1/2″ away from the finished wall.  There is a bit of variation, one could go out to 22 1/2″ in distance.  The seat itself is made of mahogany, and has been repaired and refinished.  All holes were plugged with mahogany.  Hinges are polished brass.  There is one “divot” on the front lip of the seat itself, we decided a repair would have been too obvious, so we left the dent.  The paint on the brackets appears to be original, and probably contains lead.  We recommend some sort of clearcoat to seal them, or don’t chew on them!  One bracket does have a crack that’s been repaired with epoxy, see the photo below.  One only!