1949 “WPT” Vintage Toilet Bowl

1949 “WPT” Vintage Toilet Bowl


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This bowl was made during another period in American history where there was great growth.  Again, many manufacturers came into existence, and then faded away.  This is another manufacturer that we have not heard of.  The bowl is stamped “WPT” and has a date of 1948.  The bowl itself is fairly crude, so we suspect this one was a “budget” toilet set.  As for condition, the front right bolt hole does have a “star” around it, and there is some crazing inside the trap.  The bowl does hold water and did pass flush tests.

This bowl HAS to set on a 14″ rough-in with a 4″ closet flange (not a 4×3 closet flange).  Bowl comes supplied with correct wax ring, bolts, ceramic caps, and a raw brass closet spud.

If finished closed spud is desired, please order below.