1918 ish Antique J.L. Mott “Torrento” Toilet Bowl

1918 ish Antique J.L. Mott “Torrento” Toilet Bowl


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This bowl is a real oddball in the toilet world.  That large hump on the back is a vent, the bowl itself take an oddly configured closet flange, and while the shape of the bowl matches a round front seat, the seat hinge will need to be 6 3/4″ on center.  The closet spud is also odd, it’s a 2″ Maddox spud.  We’re thinking this may have been for commercial applications, and is best used as a replacement for a broken bowl.  As for condition, there is some minor scuffing on the bowl and one chip on the right side of the rim.  This is definitely a weird one!