1910 Antique Peerless Bottom Lever Toilet Tank

1910 Antique Peerless Bottom Lever Toilet Tank


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This is one rare toilet tank!  We refer to this design of tank as an “Ejecto lever” tank, and this is the first porcelain one we’ve had in years.  Admittedly, this tank does have some condition issues, if it did not, the first number in the price would be a “2”.  The large blemish on the face of the tank covers 1/4 of the face, it came this way from the factory, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  The lid does fit, but is NOT original, and is off color to the tank.  There is some crazing at the bottom corner of the tank next to the logo, there’s no signs of water penetration, but we elected to seal the inside with fiberglass resin.  Tank measures 23″ wide by 19 1/2″ tall and extends out 8 1/2″.  The centerline of the outlet is 4 1/4″ from wall.    The bottom flush lever has been redone in the original Polished Nickel finish.  One only, and it’s the first one we’ve had in 12 years.