1895 Johnson Brothers Decorated Toilet And Throne Seat

1895 Johnson Brothers Decorated Toilet And Throne Seat


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1895 Johnson Bros English Decorated bowl w/ Throne Seat.
Here’s the rarest of the rare when it comes to Toiletry! This is an original washdown hightank bowl with it’s original Mahogany throne seat AND the original cast iron painted support brackets. The bowl does have a few chips around the bolt holes and one non-structural crack on the front left side, but considering the age and rarity, these are minor flaws. We were told that this particular toilet came from a mansion that Jack Benny owned, but unfortunately, we have no paperwork to prove this. Inlet of bowl is 1 1/4″, it can only be used in hightank applications. It will also require a 4″ flange and waste line. Rough-in appears to be 14″, but the rough should be installed after toilet has arrived at it’s new home. Truck freight only!