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some of the products sold on this website may contain one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm

Kitchen Sink Drains, Bar/Utility Drains, and other Accessories


Oversize Kitchen Sink Drain
So, you bought an antique sideboard sink, had it refinished, built your kitchen around it, and the plumber says “There’s no drain that fits this sink”.  We have a solution!  We are machining a ring and backing plate that our regular kitchen sink drain will sit into, but gives you a OD of 5 1/2”.  The ring “floats” so all you have to do is seal it with a bit of plumber’s putty when installing.  Two finishes available.  Sorry, we still have no provision for a garbage disposal.  Supplied with complete drain and 4” tailpiece.
24-ODFC Chrome Oversized drain 350.00 addtocartmini
Nickel Oversized drain 350.00 addtocartmini


Solid Metal Kitchen Sink Drain
Fits standard 3 1/2” kitchen sink openings, made of solid brass.  Rubber press stopper.  Supplied w/ 4” long 1 1/2” flanged tailpiece
51-151C Chrome drain 50.00 reserve
51-151N Nickel drain 89.00 reserve
51-151L Coated brass drain 69.00 reserve


Grid Type Oversize Kitchen Sink Drain
Wide-Top Sink Strainer, Stainless steel construction, 4 1/2" OD flange, 4" tail piece, stainless steel strainer, minimum hole opening 2 7/8", maximum sink thickness 1/2".  Finish is a “brushed” stainless steel.
51-152C Stainless oversize Drain 45.00 reserve

Wing-Type Kitchen Sink Drain
Fits standard kitchen sink openings, Solid brass, twist type basket is a ground joint seal (metal to metal).  Supplied with both locknut and slip-joint nut.  Tailpiece sold separately.
81-242C Chrome drain 64.50 reserve
81-242N Nickel drain 70.00 reserve
81-242L Coated Brass drain 70.00 reserve


Flange for In-Sink-Erator brand Garbage Disposals
Fits standard kitchen sink openings, polished metal unlike the factory version.
81-209C Chrome Flange 22.50 reserve
81-209N Nickel Flange 33.50 reserve
81-209L Coated Brass Flange 33.50 reserve

Stopper for In-Sink-Erator Disposals
Fits the above 81-209 flange, Polished metal, replaces the plastic one supplied by In-Sink-Erator.
81-210C Chrome Stopper 13.00 reserve
81-210N Nickel Stopper 17.00 reserve
81-210L Coated Brass Stopper 17.00 reserve


Midget Duo Strainer for Bar Sinks w/ 2” Opening
Supplied less tailpiece, basket is plated Stainless steel
81-238C Chrome drain, complete 30.50 reserve
81-238N Nickel drain, complete 53.00 reserve
81-238L Coated Brass drain, complete 53.00 reserve
81-238O Oil rubbed bronze drain, complete 53.00 reserve
Replacement Basket only
81-239C Chrome Basket 14.00 reserve
81-239N Nickel Basket 26.50 reserve
81-239L Coated Brass Basket 26.50 reserve

Junior Basket Strainer w/ 3 Prong Grid
Fits 2” openings, supplied less tailpiece.
81-235C Chrome drain 36.00 reserve
81-235N Nickel drain 47.00 reserve
81-235L Coated Brass drain 47.00 reserve
Replacement Grid Only, 1 7/8” Diameter
81-241C Chrome Grid only 8.00 reserve
81-241N Nickel Grid only 9.00 reserve
81-241L Coated Brass grid only 9.00 reserve


Extra-long Junior Basket Strainer
Fits 2” opening,  maximum thickness of sink 1 1/2”
81-233C Chrome drain, complete 48.50 reserve
81-233N Nickel drain, complete 64.50 reserve
81-233L Coated Brass drain, complete 64.50 reserve
Replacement Basket only
81-234C Chrome Basket 18.50 reserve
81-234N Nickel Basket 35.00 reserve
81-234L Coated Brass Basket 35.00 reserve

Long Shank Sink Drain
Unusual long shank plug fits sinks with  large, deep drain openings. 2 7/8" long, 1 7/8"dia. Flange  is 2-15/16" dia. Supplied with 1 1/2" IPS lock nut and washer.
90-5065B Heavy Brass drain, uncoated 28.50
90-5065N Nickel Plated Sink Drain 49.00 reserve

oversize drain

Oversize Utility Sink Drain
Unusual 2” IPS drain assembly.  Flange is 3 3/8” diameter, will fit sinks up to 1” thick.  Drain shank is 2 5/16” diameter.  Drain will thread directly into 2” FIP adapters, or a 01-303 spud reducer will convert it to 1 1/2” tubular.  Milled (not highly polished) chrome finish.  Supplied with Brass locknut and washer
15-4061 Utility drain assembly 34.00 reserve


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