Vintage 1942 Kohler Trent Toilet Bowl

Vintage 1942 Kohler Trent Toilet Bowl


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1942 Kohler Trent Toilet bowl.  This bowl has the rarer (for those days) 12″ rough-in, but still needs to set on a 4″ closet flange/waste line.  Unfortunately, this bowl suffers from multiple condition issues.  All 4 closet bolts were cut off with a grinder, and the operator was quite careless.  Consequently, there’s gouge marks near all 4 bolt holes.  Also, there’s scuffs on the sides of the bowl, light wear in bottom of trap, and a spot of wear on the left side rim from a seat bumper.  This bowl is very usable, with some work, the scuffs could be hidden with porcelain touch up.  Toilet is supplied with Raw brass closet spud, wax ring, closet bolts and ceramic caps.

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