Thomas Crapper Cloakroom Wallhung Sink

Thomas Crapper Cloakroom Wallhung Sink


This item is ordered directly from Thomas Crapper in England, allow 6-8 weeks delivery time.  Please call for a shipping quote, as the global reaction to COVID-19 has caused shipping rates to fluctuate wildly.

In stock (can be backordered)


Perfect for the tiny bath, these sinks measure 20 1/2″ wide and protrude out a measly 10 1/4″. Sold less pictured faucets, brackets and drain. Brackets and Drain sold separately or can be substituted with your own.  We do not recommend pictured Crapper single basin taps due to differences in thread pitch between American plumbing and British plumbing.   Note, sink requires brackets to support it.

Pictured Crapper logo has been changed; new logo is shown in gallery view.