Standard Three Handle Tub Shower Rebuild Kit

Standard Three Handle Tub Shower Rebuild Kit


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Standard Three handle Rebuild kit
This kit has all you need to replace a tub-shower set made by Standard.  These sets will cover many applications from the ‘30’s though the early 1950’s.  The set comes with the hot and cold stems, diverter, seat for diverter, needed seals, all three escutcheons in chrome, escutcheon nipples, chrome handles with buttons, and screws to retain handles.  Stems are 5 1/2” long, and the barrel diameter is 7/8”.  Stem shank diameter is 7/16”.  Make your 1950’s bath enclosure look new!

Be sure to compare your stems against the pictured ones BEFORE purchasing kit.  there are other manufacturers that have very similar looking handles and escutcheons.