Standard Shelfback Stem, 5/16″ Long Threads on Bonnet Nut

Standard Shelfback Stem, 5/16″ Long Threads on Bonnet Nut


American Standard Escutcheon Nipple

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“Standard” Ceramic Shelf-Back Lavatory Stem
This stem was used in some 8” center shelf back faucets Standard made from the late 1930’s up to the early 1960’s.  3 5/8” long, 7/16” shank, and  22 spline.  The  #80-0100 handles  will bolt right on.  Both hot and cold versions exist, cross handles normally take two hots, lever handles take one hot and one cold.  If your sink looks like this one, (it could be either an integral spout or metal spout), and does not have a canopy handle, this may be your stem! (Another does exist, the threads on it’s bonnet are longer, measuring 1/2”, it can be found here. ).  This pictured one’s bonnet thread length is 5/16”.  This is the less common version.  US made.

If your sink has cross handles, use two hot stems.  If it has lever handles, then you’ll need one each of the hot and cold.

The re-trim kit for this is #86-061HM.

Here’s how to measure the thread on the bonnet nut:

Remove the existing stems from your sink, after shutting off the water.  Note the length of the large fine thread on your bonnet nut.  You’ll have two options, either the thread will be 5/16” long or it will be 1/2” long. If your bonnet nut is 5/16” long, (left side of above photo) then you will want to order this 86-061 stem. The 1/2″ option can be found here. 
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