Standard Shelf Back Stem, 1/2″ Long Thread on Bonnet Nut

Standard Shelf Back Stem, 1/2″ Long Thread on Bonnet Nut


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“Standard” Shelf Back Lavatory Stem
Okay, we give! This stem is the other stem used in many Standard-Brand sinks just like the one pictured. The only difference between this one and the #86-061 stem? The bonnet nuts are different lengths. You’ll have to pull out your existing stem and check the lengths. This one’s male bonnet thread length is 1/2″. The really strange thing, we can set two identical looking sinks side by side, one will have this one, the next, the smaller one. Go figure….
Slightly longer than the #86-061, this one’s 3 3/4″, same stem diameter of 7/16″.  This is the more common of the two.  USA made.

The #80-0100 handles  will bolt right on.

If your sink has cross handles, use two hot stems.  If it has lever handles, then you’ll need one each of the hot and cold.

The re-trim kit for this is #86-081HM.

Here’s how to measure the thread on the bonnet nut:

Remove the existing stems from your sink, after shutting off the water.  Note the length of the large fine thread on your bonnet nut.  You’ll have two options, either the thread will be 5/16” long or it will be 1/2” long.  If the bonnet is 1/2” long, (right side of below photo) you will want to order this 86-081 stem. The 5/16″ option can be found here. 
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