“Standard” Early Re-Nu Tub and Shower Stem Version I

“Standard” Early Re-Nu Tub and Shower Stem Version I


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Standard Conversion Escutcheon Nipple

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This stem was the first “Re-Nu” style barrel stem made by “Standard”. Used in the 1920’s, in standing waste and in-wall Tub shower valve applications, this stem measures 6″ long overall, and the widest point of the stem is 1 1/2″ wide. The barrel itself measures 1″ in diameter and is 2 3/8″ long. Most often, the trim and handles would have been ceramic, but there are some all metal trims out there.

These reproductions are American made, and use a o-ring at the bottom to help seal the barrel to the valve body. The originals do not have this option as they were used before the invention of o-rings.

The barrel only for this stem is #86-051.

If you want to convert over to the #80-6003 chrome escutcheons and #80-0100 handles, you will need the  #86-7810 conversion nipple.