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Standard B-201 Stem Only


This product is made in the USA. After 40 some odd years of selling and installing plumbing parts and pieces, we have found that imported stems tend to have quality and dimensional issues, so we try to stay away from them. You should as well.

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Standard B-201 single control tub shower stem only. Chrome plated Brass.

Standard started to use single control mixing valves in both in-wall and exposed applications back in the 1920’s.  Many of these valves are still in use today, but finding rebuild parts can be extremely difficult.  A few parts are still made, and occasionally we can machine parts from your samples if they aren’t available.
Yes, there used to be quite a few more numbers on the below diagram.  The missing numbers were for parts that aren’t available anymore.  The diagram is from a 1934 Standard Catalog.



new B-201

#4  Cap Washer (goes between brass cover and remainder of body) 65-3700 $4.99 
#6  Plunger, Cold side (Metal part that rides on stem and holds washer) 86-20807 $48.00 
#9  Sealing washer, cold (goes under lower barrel assembly) 65-831700  $2.79 
#12  Sealing washer, hot (goes under lower barrel assembly) 15-911700  $11.60 
#14 Plunger, Hot side (Metal part that rides on stem and holds washer) 86-30607 $48.00
#23 Stem, Chrome plated Brass.  86-8811 $75.00 
#’s 24 and 26  Handle and retaining nut – Not available, but we can replate original parts.