Sherle Wagner (Mostly) Widespread Swan Faucet

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Sherle Wagner (Mostly) Widespread Swan Faucet


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Sherle Wagner (mostly) Coated Brass Swan Faucet.
We got this faucet in without its’ valve bodies, so we fitted it with a new set of Quarterturn ceramic cartridge valves. The valves themselves are Sign of the Crab, but the trim is Sherle Wagner. This set will be supplied with a new brass pop-up drain and braided supplies. The trim probably dates to the 1980’s, but is in very good condition. There is a bit of aging and some minor scratches, but these tend to add to the appeal of this faucet. Yes, you can still get these faucets from Sherle Wagner, list price is just under $1000. This one, a bit cheaper.