Early “Standard” Cast Iron (Usually) Shelfback Stem

Early “Standard” Cast Iron (Usually) Shelfback Stem


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Standard stem only for Cast iron 6″ center shelfback faucets made before 1950.

The easiest way to tell which faucet you have is by the spout.  Early Standard Cast iron sinks (up to the late 1940’s) used a pull knob to operate the drain (see below).  These faucets usually have a 6” spread between the hot and cold handles.  We have seen a version of this faucet on a ceramic shelfback sink, but they are unusual.  Replacement spouts and backing flanges do not exist, but we can replate yours.  22 point spline, 7/16″ diameter shank, 2.90″ long.  Faucet will take our #80-0100 handles. The bonnet nut is #86-760020 and the seat is either #86-648360 or 86-648350.  The difference in the seats is determined by the opening in the seat.  the 86-648360 has a square opening in its center, the 86-648350 has a hexagonal shape.  USA made.


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