Crane Diverter Tub Spout Adapter Only

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Crane Diverter Tub Spout Adapter Only


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Crane 2″ fine thread Tub spout adapter only.  If the diverter lever for your Crane tub spout is supported by 2 posts, this is the correct adapter.  The picture shows the adapter by itself.  The beauty of this design is this; using a strap wrench, you tighten the adapter onto the existing Crane thread.  It’ll seal against a rubber washer inside the adapter.  Then, once the adapter is tight, you simply slip the spout on and tighten its set screw down.  No more worries about lining the spout up correctly!  If you choose to buy just the adapter without the spout, remember that whatever spout you choose to install, it MUST be the 1/2” copper compression type.  Threaded ones will not work.