Circa 1938 Eljer Round Front Toilet Bowl

Circa 1938 Eljer Round Front Toilet Bowl


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The date code on this bowl was filled with glaze, making it unreadable.  This style was prevalent in the 1930’s and 1940’s, judging by the shape of the date impressions, I think it’s ’30’s.  Unfortunately, this bowl has seen better days.  The inside is stained with some sort of water deposit that has simply refused to come off.  Also, there’s a large area of discoloration/damage at the right rear bolt hole.  There’s a photo of both issues in the gallery.

This is a 12″ rough bowl, which is unusual for the age of the bowl.  It’ll need a 4″ closet flange, and we will supply the correct bolts, wax ring, and porcelain caps.  A 2″ closet spud will also be supplied in rough brass.  Sold AS-IS!