Circa 1919 “Mystery” Toilet Bowl

Circa 1919 “Mystery” Toilet Bowl


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The only marks found on this bowl are the initials “GL” scratched on the bottom.  This style of bowl was common from 1910 up through the early 1920s.  This bowl has LOTS of factory blemishes and blackspots, so it’s probably a low-cost bowl intended to get indoor plumbing into a home as cheaply as possible.  It does suffer from a crack at the left rear bolt hole and a chip at the right rear bolt hole.  The glaze is worn on the inside of the bowl as well.  Basically, this is a “budget” bowl or a prop.  It does hold water and has been tested.  14″ rough, REQUIRES a 4″ closet flange (ask if you do not know) and takes a 2″ closet spud.

Supplied with a raw brass closet spud, correct wax ring, bolts and ceramic caps.

If a finished closet spud is desired, purchase below.