Circa 1910 Antique “HP Co” Toilet Bowl

Circa 1910 Antique “HP Co” Toilet Bowl


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This toilet bowl was made by the H.P. Co, but there was no date stamped anywhere.  The style of the bowl, with the detail line around the base suggests the beginning of the 20th century.  This bowl will require a 14″ rough in and a 4″ closet flange.  As for condition, it does have challenges.  The front bolt holes are cracked, with one side being cracked rather badly.  This doesn’t affect the functionality of the bowl, but I would only dummy the front bolts.  There is moderate crazing in the trap, and some wear on the glaze on the front of the bowl itself.  Bowl does hold water.  Basically, this is a good “budget” antique toilet bowl.  One only.

Bowl is supplied with a raw brass 2″ closet spud, wax ring, closet bolts and ceramic bolt caps.

If finished spud is desired, please purchase it below.