Circa 1880 Wedgewood “Marbelized” Undermount Lavatory Sink

Circa 1880 Wedgewood “Marbelized” Undermount Lavatory Sink


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Here’s a rare one!  This sink was made by Wedgewood and has their logo on it.  The very early lavatory sinks like this one had a rubber hose connected to the overflow, rather than the more modern enclosed overflows of today.  So, if this is to be used, you will have to be creative when installing it.  The “marbelized” look was hand painted onto the sink before it was fired, these were intended to match the marble slab they were installed underneath.  This sink measures 14 1/2″ on the OD, and 12″ on the ID.  Overflow is very early and oddball, the drain itself is an oddball size, and there is a tight crack on one edge.  See photos on the gallery.  While the maker’s name is embossed on the drain flange, there’s no stamped date.  The patent date is 1862.  This one’s probably best for the Wedgewood collector, but still could be installed.  One only!