Briggs Shelfback Faucet Stem

Briggs Shelfback Faucet Stem


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1950’s- 1960’s Briggs Shelf and Slant back Faucet stems
This is the most common Briggs stem used in their shelf and Slantback faucets from the mid-20th century.  These were found with either chrome Cross or chrome Lever handles, only the lever is being reproduced.  These stems are just over 2 3/8” long, and have 18 splines on the end of the stem.  If you have cross handles, the faucet will take two of the hot stems, if you have the above levers, you’ll need one each of the hot and cold stems.  We highly recommend changing the seats #86-648120. Briggs lever handles are #80-0131 and the trim rings are #80-0605.  Made in the USA.

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