Antique Washington Pottery Toilet Bowl

Antique Washington Pottery Toilet Bowl


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Washington Pottery was a West Coast manufacturer that eventually became part of Eljer in the mid 1930’s.  We couldn’t find a date code on the bowl.  There is a stamp of “J-22″, but the bowl is styled in a transitional method, so I think it’s not from 1922.  Either way, it’s definitely before the mid 1930’s.  As for condition, there’s significant wear from t toilet seat bumper on the front corners of the rim, and a couple scuffs on the back of the rim.  See photos of these issues in the gallery.  This bowl HAS to set on a 14″ rough-in, and the closet flange HAS to be attached to a 4” waste line.

Toilet will be supplied with a raw brass closet spud, wax ring, closet bolts and ceramic bolt caps.

Finished spud can be added for an additional fee.