Antique Toilet Tank Lid

Antique Toilet Tank Lid

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We often get asked for antique toilet tank lids.  Back in the early days of porcelain manufacture, tanks were hand finished and that caused variation in size.  This means that for us to properly match a lid to your toilet tank, we’ll need a template of the tank itself.  Basically, get a large sheet of paper, lay it out on the top of the tank, and trace the outside of your tank.  Cut out the template and ensure that it just sits on the top of the tank.  Send this template in to us at the below address.

Bathroom Machineries
Attn. Ray
495 Main Street
Murphys, CA  95247

Include any names and/or marks that may be on the inside of the tank or the broken lid.  While we cannot match lids with just the name/model number, it does help narrow down the hunt.

Price depends on scarcity, age, and condition, they start at $50 and do go up.  We only have Pre-1970 lids, and VERY FEW colored ones.