Antique Restored “Pear-Shaped” Open Front White Toilet Seat

Antique Restored “Pear-Shaped” Open Front White Toilet Seat


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The earliest elongated toilet seats were quite a bit different than the ones of today.  Both the seat and the toilet bowl had a “pear” shape to them.  The seats for these bowls have been out of production for many, many years. We are always happy to find them and restore them for you. This is one beautiful seat. It has been fully restored with the original hinge in chrome. There are a few minor pits in the wood finish and the hinge has a section that is rough-chromed-see photos.

Center of hinge rod to the front is 18 3/4″. The widest part of the seat is 15 1/4″

The hinges can be adjusted from about 8 3/4-10 1/2″.  No Lid.