Antique “Pear-shaped” Elongated Wood Toilet Seat

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Antique “Pear-shaped” Elongated Wood Toilet Seat


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The earliest elongated toilet seats were quite a bit different than the ones of today.  Both the seat and the toilet bowl had a “pear” shape to them.  The seats for these bowls have been out of production for many, many years.  We’re usually overjoyed to find them at all, let alone one as nice as this one.  It’s been fully refinished in as close to original color as we could get.  The hinge has been re-plated on the original finish, Polished nickel.  This seat dates to the late 1920’s.  There is one area that’s been glued and stabilized, it’s visible as a line on the bottom of the seat, see a photo of it in the gallery view.  Hinge spacing is the normal 5 1/2″.  One only!