Antique Circa 1931 Washington Pottery Toilet Set

Antique Circa 1931 Washington Pottery Toilet Set


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Circa 1931 Washington Pottery Toilet set.
This set uses what’s known as a top spud bowl. For it to be installed properly, it has to be mounted on a very specific dimension from the finished wall to the centerline of the 4″ drain flange. Your floor flange MUST be 12 1/2″ away from the finished wall. Also, this set HAS to be on a 4″ waste pipe and floor flange, it will not sit properly on today’s 4″x3″ version. This set also features the fairly unusual “pear” shaped elongated bowl. Regular elongated seats do fit, but do hang over the sides a bit. Toilet will arrive ready to install, in your choice of Coated brass, Chrome, or Polished Nickel. The only flaw is a “pit” on the top of the lid, it came that way from the factory, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

The set comes with all new internal parts, new flush lever and flush tube. Wax ring, bolts and bolt caps are also supplied.

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