Antique 1925 Porcelain “Mystery” Pedestal Sink

Antique 1925 Porcelain “Mystery” Pedestal Sink


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I’m a bit baffled by this sink.  At first glance, I thought that it was a Standard brand, but there was no logo.  There is most of a date, with the “25” being quite visible, and a definite “Made in the United States of America” stamp.  There are several other stamps, but all are filled with glaze and completely illegible.  None look like the correct size and shape of Standard part numbers/Mold numbers.  I suspect this sink was made to look like a Standard Blackford sink, but by someone else.  The 1920’s were a busy time for plumbers, as many older homes were getting indoor plumbing for the first time…

This particular sink measures a generous 27″ wide, 22″ front  to back, and stands only 29 3/4″ tall.  The sink does have one grain of sand sized chip on the front right corner, see gallery photo.  It does have some deglossing as well.  Too big for UPS, truck freight only.  Call for a shipping quote today.