Antique 1922 “WC” Pacific Style Toilet Set

Antique 1922 “WC” Pacific Style Toilet Set


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This is a complete set from 1922.  WC made toilets back in the day that were intended for lower cost installations.  Consequently, the finish isn’t quite up to par with other manufacturers or the day.  There’re quite a few runs in the glaze, pinholes, blackspots and other factory blemishes that nothing can be done about.  The lid does have a impact chip/crack that’s old and tight, and another crack on the tank that runs between the flush lever hole and the rim of the tank.  It cannot go anywhere and is tight.  Also, there’s a chip on the right side of the lid.  See photos of the condition issues in the photo gallery.

The set comes with all new internal parts, new flush lever and flush tube. Wax ring, bolts and bolt caps are also supplied.

Toilet HAS to set on a 14″ rough-in and the Closet flange HAS to be on a 4″ waste line.  Toilet will be supplied in your choice of three finishes.

This toilet cannot be sold or shipped to addresses in California due to water usage.

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