Antique 1920’s Ribcage Alcove Shower

Antique 1920’s Ribcage Alcove Shower


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1920-ish Peck Bros (?) Ribcage Shower
The ultimate shower!  Ribcage showers were installed in the finest homes and mansions near the turn of the century. This unit has a single control mixing valve that rivals any made today for sophistication. Note, this single handle control valve was replaced sometime during the shower’s life, it’s not the original, this one probably dates to the 1950’s.  There’s no name on the shower, but the valves look like Peck Brothers valves, so…  3 separate diverter valves control the overhead rain showerhead, a handheld shower, the ‘wet’ ribs (ribs have tiny holes all the way around spraying in towards the center), and the temperature “test” outlet at the bottom.  Designed for installation in a tile enclosure with at least 12 GPM water supply and an 80 gal. water heater. (Definitely NOT a water saver!)  Fits in a 36” wide alcove, will also need a minimum depth of 36”, and requires extensive plumbing accomodations.  This unit is for serious restoration or antique plumbing enthusiasts only!

WE can either fully restore this unit for you, or you can purchase AS-IS.  Your choice!

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