Antique 1911 Monument Pottery Pegleg Lavatory Sink

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Antique 1911 Monument Pottery Pegleg Lavatory Sink

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1911 Monument Pottery Serpentine Pegleg sink
Massive!  It took two of us to set this monster up for its photo.  Sink will require single basin taps as there’s no provision for a mixing faucet.  The sink is 27” wide by 22” front to back and it stands 31 3/4” tall.  There are several chips along the backsplash, most will be hidden when the sink is caulked in place.  The overflow grate on this sink was combined with the lifting mechanism for the drain, it is missing, and hasn’t been made for a very long time.  Price has been adjusted for this missing piece.  For 106 years old, this is one nice sink by a less common maker…