1958 Vintage Pink Corner Tub

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1958 Vintage Pink Corner Tub


This item is a truck freight only item. Due to the wildly fluctuating truck freight shipping prices, we’ve had to switch to this method of supplying our customers with accurate costs. Please either e-mail sales@deabath.com or call 800-255-4426 between the hours of 8-4:30 M-F and supply us with your shipping address. We will then contact you with a shipping quote. Keep in mind that we are in California.

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1958 Pink Cast Iron Corner tub.
Here we have a left hand drain, 5′ long by 30 1/2″ wide corner tub in pink. The shade of pink is close to Standard’s “Corallin”, but not exact. I suspect this tub was made by Eljer, but there’s no manufacturer’s name anywhere on the tub, just the date of 1958. Eljer was known for not marking their products, and it does look like an Eljer, so… Condition-wise, the gloss is in excellent shape, the only issue is a scuff about the size of a silver dollar right on the top corner of the curve. If this tub was white, it would be in the $1300 range, in pink a bit less. Truck freight only!