1951 Vintage Standard “Cadet” Close Coupled Toilet

1951 Vintage Standard “Cadet” Close Coupled Toilet


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This 1951 Standard toilet is in excellent shape.  It’ll take just about any round front toilet seat.  I could not find any chips or flaws, this toilet will be supplied with all new internal parts featuring an original style Standard #5 flush valve, Fluidmaster fill valve, new wax ring, bolts, caps, and washer kit.  This toilet is your “normal” 12″ rough-in and will set on a 4″x3″ closet flange.  It has been completely cleaned, sanitized, and water tested.   Take your 1950’s bathroom back to the way it was!

Due to water restrictions, this toilet cannot be sold or shipped to addresses in California.  Be sure to check with your local building department as this toilet may not meet code in your municipality.