1950’s Crane Earthenware Trough Urinal

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1950’s Crane Earthenware Trough Urinal


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Here we have a Trough urinal made by Crane, and it dates to the 1950’s.  It was made of a material known as “Earthenware” which is a glazed clay-based product.  This particular urinal does suffer from some condition issues, with the most prominent being a substantial chip right at the top where the original inlet would have been.  Originally, this would have been attached to an automatic flush system, but all those parts are long gone.  All that remains is the drain.  This urinal also does have some light staining in the left corner that resisted all efforts to remove it.  The urinal measures 48 1/2″ long, 16″ tall, and extends out from the wall 12″.  Truck freight only, call or e-mail for a shipping quote today.  Sold AS-IS!