1941 Vintage Crane Corwith Pegleg Bathroom Sink

1941 Vintage Crane Corwith Pegleg Bathroom Sink


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The faucet and sidebars on this sink have been fully restored in the original Chrome finish.  The set will be supplied with a 1 1/4″ tailpiece and is ready to install.  The sink itself measures 24″ wide, 21 1/4″ front to back, and stands 31 1/2″ tall.  Once you take the sidebars into account, the width is 29 1/2″.  As for condition, the porcelain around the faucets does have a few tiny chips, but that’s really it.  None show up well for the camera.  Also, there are two factory “blackspots” on the front edge.  This is a good midcentury sink with Crane’s more unusual sidebars.  Truck freight only, call or e-mail for a shipping quote today.